Sun Printing Project

Part 1) A special place is my grandmothers house in Nayarit, Mexico. Her house is the most heart warming place ever. My grandmother is the most nicest person in my life and also one of the most humble and most understanding. Being in her house makes me feel at home. I still have some pressed leafs and flowers from a few years ago. 

Part 2) I really love this photograph a lot. ImageI think its so beautiful and lovely. I don’t know how to explain it because I’m bad at expressing my feels. 

Miniature Photography

My ideas for this project.

1) First idea is to use some of my brothers toys and probably do something cool with them. He probably has some hot wheels cars and other small toys. I will avoid to use soldiers. 

2) Second idea is to go to the asian store and buy tons of crabs and set them free on artificial sand a pretend they are terrorizing the civilians at the beach. I will eat the crabs afterwards.

3) Third idea is to dress up the crabs in pretty clothes and have toy people ride them.

4) My last idea is to make a house with legos and use little toy people to do normal house stuff. 

Multiple exposures project

The picture that i really liked was this photograph. Image


I really like this because it just looks really freaking cool. Multiple exposures can alter our perceptions because with this photograph, you can see all the planes that left that day and it looks crazy.    








this picture is of my cousin and I on our trip to the beach last winter break. I used this picture because I really liked it. Anyways, I tried out a different filters on this photograph.